The Music of Colin Brock.

Colin is writing and recording new songs all the time in his Torquay studio and forever sending CD’s off for the usual “thank you but no thank you" responses that even The Beatles had to put up with and look what happened to them.

You can listen to all of the tunes on the CD from this website. You are welcome to listen and download all the songs but please respect Colin's ownership and Copyright. If you would like further information pleas contact Colin.

Colin has spent most of his life immersed in music. In the 1960's and beyond he performed on Rhythm Guitar & Vocals as part of the band known as Life 'n' Soul based in Manchester.

Fronted by Stuart Charles, the five piece Drifters-style soul group played at major venues in the Manchester area as well on national tours with other wellknow bands such as The Kinks, The Herd, The Tremeloes. They also toured Sweden, Germany & Portugal and had a couple of wins on Opportunity Knocks.

They opened up for "Nice"(ELP), The Who, Marc Bolan, Joe Cocker, Edwin Starr,The Mindbenders, Wayne Fontana and St Louis Union.

Colin is picture here (right) in 2003 with fellow ex band members John Brennan and Andrew McCann.

Two records were produced on the Decca label, "Ode to Billy Jo /Peacefully Asleep " (1967) and "Here Comes Yesterday Again /Dear Paul" (1968) . Compilation coverage has included:- Peacefully Asleep on Rubble Vol. 6: The Clouds Have Groovy Faces (LP), Rubble Vol. 4 (CD), British Psychedelic Trip, Vol. 4 (LP) and Great British Psychedelic Trip, Vol. 2 (CD).

"Peacefully Asleep" - B side of the Life 'n' Soul version of "Ode to Billy Joe" was said to be their most interesting recording, with its pleasant cello work and vocals epitomising the Summer of '67 and is a much sought after collectors piece.

Click here for extensive photo gallery  featuring Life 'n' Soul and to read about other bands from the 60's at the Manchester Beat website.

Colin has now retired from the professional music scene and is enjoying a relaxing life with his wife Ann in Devon.
Keeping up with his many friends, taking holidays, and exploring the Devon coast and countryside, has not prevented him from using his talents in the creation and performance of new songs.

Colin has set up a studio in his home where he has equipped himself with the latest computer and software for producing musical compostions.

Whilst not expecting to return to the busy music scene on a full time basis Colin hopes that his music will continue to attract an audience or perhaps be taken up by other performers.

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Catch Me If You Can

The Place where I was born

The Nail That Stands Out


Sitting In The Sunshine


What's Happenin' ?

Imagine If You Can

Live & Let Live

Black And White Picture

If You Can't Stand The Heat

You Drive Me Crazy


Left Unsaid

Perfect Life

Sooner or Later

Black Killer Heels

You & Me Against The World

Big House

Nostalgia (ain't what it used to be)

On The Run

I'll See What I Can Do

Songs by Life 'n' Soul

Peacefully Asleep

Dear Paul

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