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Grandparents Hare

Grandparents Wilson


Mum was born May 22nd 1942 (I think) and went to Grange Park and Barnhill schools in Hayes before starting work at AEC in Southall. She then went to EMI where she met Dad.


Later, Mum married Kevin


Mum's family:

Mum's mother, Grannie Willson

was born Violet Beasley and married Grandad Willson (John William) on 26th June 1936


Mum's father, Granddad Willson

came from Eltham in Kent and was a Chief Accountant with EMI in Hayes.


Mum's sister Lesley

Lesley married Derek and they had children Maxine and Mark.



Mum's Grandparents,

on her Mum's side were Francis Beasley and Priscilla North and they lived in Southall

on her father's side were
Parents were James and Nellie Willson

Mum's aunts & uncles

on her mother's side were:-
Frank (married Kaye with children Clive and Michael)
Winifred (married Len Abercrombie with no children)
Priscilla (married Bill Watling with no children)
Olive (married Leonards Betts with children Nicholas & Lawrence)
Dorothy (married James Di'Castro with children Sally & Ian.

Mum's uncle on her father's side were
He had a brother Bob (married to Molly with a son David and a daughter Pamela). Iinterestingly Dad knew David before he met Mum and sometimes went to tea with David and his parents before attending evening classes in Acton.

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