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Grandparents Hare

Grandparents Wilson

Paula and Julie:

Paula was born in Paignton Hospital at about 8am on 9th October 1968. Julie was born at Paignton Hospital in the evening of November 19th 1969. Dad was present at Julie's birth having been caught out at Paula's debut by Paula not sticking to the timetable.

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Mum & Dad

Mum & Dad met while they were both working at EMI Research Labs, Mum as a typist in the Wages Dept and Dad as a Research Apprentice in the High Power Klystron Lab.
Before getting married, Dad worked for about 9 months on loan from EMI to SERL (Services Electronic Resarch Labs) in Harlow where he took a flat at 51 The Lawn.

Mum and Dad were married on 22nd June 1963.

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After marriage in 1963 Mum and Dad both left EMI and went to work at Cossor Electronics in Harlow, Dad as an engineer in the SSR (secondary surveillance radar) lab and Mum as a secretary to the Chief Draughtsman in the Drawing Office.

In 1966 Mum & Dad moved to Paignton to work for STC, Dad as an engineer in the Electron Tube Development Lab and Mum as a secretary in the Shipping Dept. They lived in a company house at 7 Gibson Drive before buying the house at 124 Duchy Drive.


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