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Grandparents Hare

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Dad was born in Chalfont St Peter at 28 Grove Hill on 30th October 1939. During the war years while Granddad was away, Dad and grannie spent time in Chalfont St Peter and in Sheerness, at one point being evacuated to Porthcawl in Wales.
After the war the family moved to Amersham, 7 Finch Lane, and later at 43 Roundwood Road.
After Primary school in Chalfont St Peter Dad went to High Wycombe Royal Grammar School before starting a Research Apprenticeship at EMI Research Labs in Hayes in 1956.

Dad's Family:

Dad's mother, Grannie Hare

(1913- 2001) was born Edith Eleanor Fisher and married Granddad Hare (Arthur Tennyson, aka Joe) on 26th June 1936


Interestingly, Grannie and Grandad Hare were married on the same day as Grannie and Grandad Willson.

More pictures of Gran & Grandad here


Dad's father, Granddad Hare

(1912-1986) was born in Chalfont St Peter. He started work as a postman and served in the Royal Engineers during the war years 1939-45 visiting Iceland, North Africa, Italy and Poland. After the war he returned to his job as a postman.


Dad's grandparents

on his mother's side Dad's grandparents
were Edith Eleanor Yates (1892-1965) and Ernest W Fisher (1887-1961) and they lived in Sheernes
On his father's side Dad's grandmother was Amy Rose Jermy (Ema thinks she came from Hayes, Middx) and his grandfather was Arthur Tennyson Hare (born 1879 at Lakes Lane, Beaconsfield, died in 1955 .

Arthur and Amy are both buried at Chalfont St Peter Cemetary, Plot C25.

Dad's aunts & uncles

Dad's Mum (Grannie Hare) had many brothers and sisters
Curly (1917-1996) (married Joyce and had lots of children)
Pip (1912-1971) (married Dolly with no children)
Ivy (1915-20010) (married Len Jeffries and had children Leonard (1934-1999), Raymond (1936-1983), Sylvia (1937-), Patricia (1940-))
Elsie (married Roddy and had two? children)
Margery (1920-1995) (married Thomas Banks with daughters Sheila (1938-) and Margery (Babe) (1940-1995))
Joan (1931- ) (married Roy Atkinson and had daughters Linda (1953- ), Susan (1955- ) and Diane (1959- )
The above info came from Joan who has worked on the family tree and has traced the Yates family back to 1730 when Owen Yates married Sarah Scoles at Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppey, where the family have lived ever since.

Dad's dad (Granddad Hare), also had brothers & sisters
Ron (married Lucy and had two children). Ron died of cancer and subsequently Lucy married Ron's cousin Eric. Eric had children Maurice and Barbara.
Pete (married Christine and had a daughter Malinda who now lives at Dunmow in Essex)
Phyllis (married Bill Rance and had several children - Irene, Shirley, Sonny, twins John & Jean, and Roger)
Ema (married Frank Roberts with no children) still living in Chalfont St Peter and will be 80 in 2005.
Cath (or Kath?) married Ron Croft and had a daughter Maureen who died at a very young age.

Dad's GreatGrandparents.

In the Census of 1880, Dad's Grandad is shown as the son of William Hare (born 1853 born in Beaconsfield, a chairmaker) and Mary Hare (born in 1850 in Wraysbury, Bucks).
Also shown are brothers William W (born 1876 at High Wycombe), Henry A (born 1877 at High Wycombe), and a sister Amy G (born 1880 in Beaconsfiled.

The census of 1901 shows William and Mary living in Hayes which is presumably where Arthur met Amy Jermy.

According to Ema there was another son Oliver, presumably born after 1880 Oliver, later living in Chalfont St Peter and the father of Eric (This Eric later married Lucy, Ron's wife). There were also two ladies Hilda and Mabel probably living in Chesham.

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